NorthWorthington Pet Clinic

Welcome, we are glad you are here!

We are a small clinic comfortably nestled into a 75-year old building with lots of character! We provide high quality medicine for our patients and friendly service for our clients.

“A Caring Integrative Approach for your Pets” is our motto. We understand that our pets are members of our family. Our goal is to maintain wellness and provide long term corrections of medical conditions, not “quick-fixes” that are only temporary. Our practice is based upon an integrative holistic approach using whatever style of medicine is needed to improve your pet’s quality of life, whether it be Conventional, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritional, or Homeopathy/Homotoxicology. We work within your beliefs and budget to find a solution for your pet’s condition.

We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. This is a voluntary accreditation program that establishes some of the highest standards set for the veterinary profession.  Only about 14% of veterinary practices in the United States have acheived this status.