About Us


Dr. Jim Carlson is a 1993 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He began his veterinary career doing mostly western, or allopathic, style medicine. As with many veterinarians who practice alternative medicine styles, he became dissatisfied with the responses he would get from the allopathic approach. Slowly he began to integrate other types of treatments. Several years ago, he added nutritional medicine by adding products like glandulars, and many products from a company called Standard Process. Next, he added some traditional homeopathy. After being introduced to homotoxicology in 2003, he began adding this to the repertoire. Then in 2004 he went to the Chi Institute to be trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. He was certified in January 2005.

His goal for his alternative medical patients is to find a mixture of treatments that might best treat the pet. This means using a multidimensional approach to each patient. It means adjusting the treatment as signs dictate. It means working with the client to change the pet’s environment. It really means trying to find a real solution to the conditions, and not just covering up signs and symptoms.