Any Lily must be considered toxic to cats, however Easter Lilies, popular this time of year, are deadly to cats. Even a small nibble of this plant can, if not treated immediately, cause death by acute renal (kidney) failure. Please do not even get one of these plants if you have cats. If you do have one, please give it to a friend. This kind gesture could save your feline friend.

If you do have one, and think that your cat has chewed on the plant, call us or your veterinarian immediately for aggressive therapy. We have pulled a cat out of renal failure using aggressive integrative approaches with oral charcoal administration, fluid therapy, homotoxicology remedies injected into acupuncture sites, nutritional supplements, and acupuncture. Truly, this plant toxicity is as bad as antifreeze intoxication. (Dogs can get sick, but usually it is not fatal.)

Initial signs are vomiting up plant material, leading to weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, inappetance, and dehydration. The kidneys shut down, and death can occur within 4-7 days.

Do your cat a favor, and appreciate Lilies from a distance.